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    Reminds me of the Broadway backend for gtk3: https://docs.gtk.org/gtk3/broadway.html

    This exposes an html5 rendering of any gtk3 app.

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      This feels like an awesome way to do some “living off the land” post-exploitation in desktop Linux

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        Now I’m wondering where other people got a laptop and a monitor for WFH, did you get a coffee machine? :)

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          I’ve got several, but they’re just wooden boxes with the essential parts for development. Most of the applications can work without “hardware”, either by unit tests or by mocking specific sensors or motors.

          But for whenever hardware is needed, I have a collection of parts that make up just enough of the coffee machine for software development. Bare motherboard, io board, reasonably safe power supply, screen and a few sensors. Also one brewer with bracket.

          The machines are rather large, they draw a lot of power keeping boilers heated and they needa water supply, which is also not available near my pc.

          I can’t fit a regular cabinet sized machine at home, I don’t have that kind of space, or better said, don’t want that stuff here.

          At work we do have every type or machine available for development, and they’re powered on. Most of the applications are loosely coupled via API’s, either Json over http or XML over a socket, or a custom protocol over a serial line. With a bit of tweaking I can run a user interface on my pc, which connects via a VPN to the actual hardware at work.

          But to summarize, we try to make sure every part of the software is contained and tested, which helps enormously with WFH. Yes there are cases when we do need a machine, we can solve that with multiple methods. Last but not least the office (and factory) are open, so I can go in any time I want.

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            Thanks for the detailed answer to a mostly tongue-in-cheek question :)

            I’ve hated having work hardware at home as well, that might go well if you have a house with a dedicated office room, not an apartment.

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              My actual coffee maker at home is a simple filter brewer: https://www.moccamaster.eu/coffeemachines/cup-one - brews directly in a cup (no pot). I’m not much of a coffee drinker, one cup a day maybe. No-one else in the house is, so a larger machine would just take up counter space in the kitchen. And this one is super cute as far as coffee makers go