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    I’m not sure this is true. The sites like Amazon get people to register because they know it facilitates better marketing, upsells through targeted adds, loss prevention, etc. They probably make more than enough extra money with that strategy than it takes to make up for the losses of whoever won’t register with the site. It’s worth further study, though.

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      When I was at an ecommerce company, we found a big abandon rate if we asked people to register before they had entered any personal data. When the flow was like “Cart -> push checkout button -> Register” there was a much higher abandon rate than when we changed it to “Cart -> push checkout button -> Enter shipping and payment -> Register”.

      Of course, there was a login button available on the shipping & payment so you could recall your info.

      Interestingly, adding a guest checkout option did not reduce the abandon rate that much on top of late registration.

      The company never published any of these findings, so I can’t point you to a reference online. Kind of a shame, but they didn’t want to help their competitors increase their conversion rates.

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          That save password or skip registration screen is great. Never even thought about such a UI. Thanks for the link.

          Note: That I haven’t seen it yet says something about its adoption probably.