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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Started exploring textual (https://textual.textualize.io/getting_started/) last week. Wrote a basic board game (Square Tic Tac Toe). Planning to try some more ideas this week (for example: interactive exercises for CLI text processing tools).

    Looking forward to final book of Mistborn Era 2 (The Lost Metal), which is releasing tomorrow.

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      Looking forward to final book of Mistborn Era 2 (The Lost Metal), which is releasing tomorrow.

      Same here! My copy should be delivered today and I can’t wait!

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      Work: Semi-annual performance review.


      • Flesh out the documentation for ahkpm now that it supports both version ranges and installing without knowing what the latest version of a package is.†
      • Start publicizing it
      • Play around with writing an AutoHotkey parser to see just how much work it would be. The eventual goal here would be an extensible linter a la ESLint, but I’m hesitant to jump into it with both feet. It feels like I’d be falling for one of the classic blunders. (Not that I haven’t already with writing a package manager.)

      † Adding support for these features turned out to be much easier than expected thanks to the existence of a robust library which handles most of the work.

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        Making figures for a paper

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          On my AccessKit project, I’m splitting my time between getting the integration into egui to the point where it will be accepted upstream, and working on the Mac platform adapter.

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            Continue the migration of the old office into the new office. Attacked a large drawer over the weekend and threw out 98% of it (99% once I’d scanned the few letters I needed copies of.) More of that.

            The UK is pretty miserable weather-wise now, and I’ve not been getting on the static exercise bike because it’s either zero resistance or all the resistance. It’s supposed to have 25 levels of adjustment. Need to take that apart and look at it, suspect the mechanism that moves the magnet toward the flywheel has gone awry somehow.

            At work, continue building out new infrastructure. Currently putting together new AMIs for our EC2 instances, on a newer LTS release and with tooling we want included. Also experimenting with HCP Packer Registry and channels for building, testing, promoting images safely. Working well enough so far.

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              Trying to summon the gumption and concentration to finish off some scripts I’m writing, to create and manage FreeBSD jails based development environments for Emacs. Imagine something to “build me a jail with a debug build of Emacs $VERSION, packages $X and $Y, but package $Z from source”, as a one-liner.

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                Learning linear algebra by watching MIT 18.06 1999. Also doing some C++ experimenting.

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                  • Releasing upgrades to Azure and AWS SDKs
                  • Tackling issues Go SDKs are approaching the 500MiB limits for the package proxy (splitting into smaller sub-modules)
                  • A bit of feature work to finish up before re:Invent
                  • Trying to shake a cold 🤧
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                    Work: finishing a blog post, continue work on SIMD kernels for some of our ops.

                    Personal: going back and forth on whether I should set up my own Mastodon instance (already have a test running in a NixOS VM), trying to figure out what I can expect in terms of requirements.

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                      Personal: try to actually deploy my pivoted version of Eventlandr this week. The new version is centered around figuring out which friends are available rather, than planning a specific event ahead of time. I need to shore up the Vite production build of the JS code and ensure the backend serves it properly and create the Dockerfile for the Fly.io deployment.

                      I might blog about the idea for the site itself or how I sorta built a custom Java framework centered around server-side rendering.

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                        Finish the translation of my spaced repetition program from Standard ML to Zig (it’s actually done but I’m adding to it), and then create a simple CLI interface. The following week will probably be then figuring out WASM target and drawing a Canvas-based UI (which crosses with the other personal hobby stuff I’ve been doing).

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                          Work: Figuring out what the heck is going on now that I’m back from 3 weeks of demo stuff on the other side of the country. Sounds like the answers are “dependency auditing”, for like the first time in this project’s history, so that ought to be fun. Maybe working with some simulation and vehicle interface stuff as well afterwards, which also sounds fun. So, feeling pretty okay about life.

                          Nonwork: Playing way too much Slay The Spire. Trying to exercise regularly. Theoretically working on gamedev or langdev stuff. But realistically, for some ridiculous reason, playing around with the idea of running a crypto mining pool, which seems to have hooked my brain lately. I’d want to do it for dogecoin, since that’s the only cryptocurrency I am capable of taking seriously, but it seems like the rest of the world might have started taking it seriously too, which really might just suck the fun out of it.

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                            @work I’m still changing how our front end app exports process plans and other workspace attributes to our backend service. I’m hust about done, but I’m fixing up tests and handling some corner cases.

                            @home I’m reading Ivan Yefremov’s Andromeda.

                            And i’d like to change up my daily schedule to start waking up earlier.