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I thought https://sans-io.readthedocs.io/ was a great idea. As someone playing with asyncio, I find myself having to use libraries with poor/buggy protocol support.

But parsing protocols is hard. So I wanted to provide developers a library that will ease development of sans-io libraries. I also like how the parser contaminators like parsec in Haskell or nom in Rust. That’s how I came up with this library.

In the future, I also would like to write some protocol parsing libraries for some protocol which I think are important and missing. (AMQP just to name one).

I just finished playing around and releasing ohneio v0.8, my goal is to add new features in ohneio v0.9 and stabilize the API in v1.0.

Any suggestion or feedback is welcome.

Edit: The buffering can be a bottleneck, I’m planning to optimize this ASAP.