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    I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m surprised there was another interview after the previous interview Lunduke had with RMS on the Linux Action Show did not go over well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=radmjL5OIaA

    Essentially, Lunduke was still mostly an Apple developer at the time and got in an argument after RMS said he should just go work in a factory or in the woods and Lunduke said that he needed to feed his family.

    (This is a cross-post of my comment on HN.)

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      Has RMS changed his stance on YouTube, or was this posted there against his wishes? Not that there aren’t hundreds of other videos on YouTube of him already…

      Looking forward to watching this–I find his ideological stance fascinating, and very often agree. I can’t say I put it all into practice though…

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        On minute 10, Lunduke explains that RMS has “very string opinions about youtube”, so respecting that position the interview is also available on archive.org DRM free (on multiple formats).

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          Yup! I should have assumed there’d be something about this, as it almost always comes up. Just had to actually watch, I guess. :)

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            I remember an instance though, where RMS refused a podcast interview because the podcast would also be published in a non-free format.

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          Is there anything particular in the interview that is worth watching?

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            Not really. It’s a pretty standard RMS interview. There is a thing about Galaxy Quest where RMS recognizes Bryan’s quote and kind of lights up. But, nothing else is surprising or new.