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    I find these updates rather interesting (I’ve always had a soft spot for VMS).

    I wonder how this port is going to be licensed with respect to non-commercial use - DEC, Compaq and HP have all been rather amenable towards hobbyists, granting licenses to pretty much all of OpenVMS across VAX/Alpha/Itanium. Now that it’s going to run on commodity hardware, I wonder if x86_64 will be added to that list?

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      The best thing they could do is open up a bit with free licenses for hobbyists so they can continue porting stuff as they were in the past. They need an ecosystem if they want to expand rather than just leech on locked-in users. The extreme stability of the VMS clusters makes them still worth using for conservative, IT people who prefer “it works as usual” over “lets see if this RethinkDB in high-availability mode will do the job 10 years down the line.” ;)