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    (I realize this is just whining but) I’m really dreading the ESM migration. I don’t write typescript professionally, and it feels like every time I come back to one of my projects, something is broken. because the ecosphere churns so quickly. My first attempt with ESM threw so many errors that I backed out. Now I’m hoping to just wait long enough that either the ecosphere gets distracted by something else, or someone writes a converter script for old crotchety coders who are set in our ways. [shakes cane from rocking chair]

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      My hope is that focusing on web standards and mostly avoiding the nom ecosystem can achieve that. You can do a lot with a little nowadays. (Frontend devs don’t like this approach ime)

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      One cool thing about this is it’s another alternative to avoid any bundling or build steps. https://github.com/nestarz/heritage seems like it downloads packages from unpkg and will also automatically generate your import map as well. I might have to investigate this as I personally find build steps in js to leave a bad taste in my mouth.