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    Building AMIs is even simpler (and faster) with nixos-generators. The only remaining bit is to push them to a S3 bucket and get them registered on AWS.

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      Neat, I was looking at https://github.com/Robertof/nixos-docker-sd-image-builder for building some sd card images for an rpi 4 spiel. And to look at getting a build for a nano pi m4 v2 going too.

      Will give this a go over the weekend thanks!

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        Interesting project. How can it be simpler and faster if it’s calling the same amazon-image.nix module that nixpkgs provides? If I needed a single nix configuration upstream of several images (EC2, Azure, GCP, etc.) then it’s definitely worth considering. Otherwise, I think using packer to build atop the NixOS AMI is faster because you’re not making a disk image, then sending it to S3, then waiting for VM Import.

        I will probably edit in a link to the nixos-generators project, because it is still pretty cool. Thank you.

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          I would have to measure to sustain my claim. I think that it’s faster than packer but you are right, it’s pretty much a packaged version of amazon-image.nix.

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        I am having DNS troubles. DNS has been fixed.