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      It sounds very modular, so hopefully it’s easy to replace the keyboard out easily - putting a gamepad module into that thing would be pretty cool.

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      specs seem to be here https://mntre.com/media/reform_md/2022-06-20-introducing-mnt-pocket-reform.html

      though i don’t exactly understand yet which of the purchasing options refer to which modules, the crowdsupply page doesn’t seem to have much technical details

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        All the main purchasing options on the crowdsupply page come with the i.MX8M+ module, you’d have to buy any of the other SoC modules separate - though as far as I can tell, the LS1028A module is only able to be preordered, they haven’t released that yet. Once the Pocket Reform is available for order on their main storefront I’m sure you’ll be able to pick what module ships with your order, but it’s probably easier for them during crowdfunding to just ship one type of module.