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    Dang, the title got me. I thought this was going to be about Docker. That out of the way, this seems really intriguing:

    For more complex projects, Decker features a novel scripting language named Lil which is strongly influenced by both Lua, an imperative language popular for embedding in tools and game engines, and Q, a functional language in the APL family used with time-series databases. Lil is easy to learn and conventional enough not to ruffle any feathers for users with prior programming experience, but also includes pleasant surprises like implicit scalar-vector arithmetic and an integrated SQL-like query language. A few lines of Lil can go a long way.

    I’m certainly piqued by this sales pitch rather than “$newLang does away entirely with the Bad, Old, Broken way of thinking that other languages use”. I guess I’m getting old. :)

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      Macromedia Flash ?

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        In that it can run in a web page, yes. In all other ways it’s much more like HyperCard.