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      Unreadable without FF reader view.

      Keep your cool h4ck3r aesthetics if you wish, but maybe consider the consequences on how your content is read and perceived. Since most of the content is <pre> rendered text, making the entire thing available as a zip would be better.

      Accessibility matters.

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        Not sure what you mean, it renders perfectly fine for me in Firefox, without reader view. eww in emacs handles it perfectly as well.

        Complaining about readability seems a bit silly when all content is contained within a single pre tag. I don’t see how a zip file would make it any easier to read; to me a zip file would make it harder, not easier.

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        They mention on the page that all the pages are available as txt files.

        They also have a zip download: https://tmpout.sh/1/tmp.0ut.1.txt.zip

        If you used a fraction of a second actually viewing the website, you would maybe have noticed these facts.

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            I’m not sure why you think this person made a mistake. Neither posters made a mistake, the website just changed in the interrim.

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              I think the mistake @L-P refers to was of @opfez assuming that, if @L-P had used a fraction of a second more, they would’ve noticed something that was not in fact there at the time they viewed the website.

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                That’s not a mistake – it’s a lack of knowledge. It would have been kinder, rather than to call it a mistake, to instead say “It has changed to add those since then”, or some other factual response that does not pass judgement.

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                  I don’t disagree. They were responding to some pretty intensely accusatory language, so I can understand using less kind language in response.

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            Ah I see. I apologize, please excuse my ignorance.

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        I can read it just fine, though the font is a tad small

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        Best Viewed With Lynx!

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          Maybe you jest, but it’s actually perfectly fine with lynx.

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      This looks great! I always love finding new cool zines, thanks for this one!

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      The text looks blurry for all articles other than the intro; there’s some sort of CSS issue that breaks the bitmap font.

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        it’s only crisp at 100% magnification

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        Works fine in Firefox. They said on Twitter the rendering bug is a chrome thing.

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      No gemini or gopher version?! Lame.

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        I downvoted this comment because it is unkind and judgemental and off topic. I think the content is truly deeply technical and of significant relevance to its audience. I’m willing to acknowledge you might not be the intended audience. But then why comment at all?

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          To me, it was funny. The comment was silly and not containing any useful information, sure.

          But, if you catched the sarcasm, it wasn’t unkind, judgemental nor off topic.

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          I’m sorry you’re upset by my comment. I did indeed poke gentle fun at the recent mini-trend of plaintext-like protocols and the overlap with the general “security” community. I did not flag this as off-topic.

          Old-timers might remember this classic put-down, which didn’t age well. Hopefully mine won’t either.

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          I think it wasn’t meant to detract from the quality of the content, it would just be cool and very h4ck3r-y.

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      Stylus snippet to make the site more easy for the eyes:

      body {
          background-color: #333333;
      pre {
          font-family: Monospace;
          font-size: 1.1em;
          line-height: 1.2;
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      Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of the demoscene and x86 assembly documentation from back in the day.