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    Maciej is a funny guy and he raises some good points.

    The perceived shortcomings of the latest redesign have been set out by many already, but I have a feeling that in 12-18 months many of them will seem insignificant (and I don’t mean that because Apple will give people more to moan about!). With the next generation of MacBook Pros the keyboard will be further tweaked (remember all the complaints when the unibody keyboard was released?), USB Type C will be more prevalent and (hopefully) 32+ GiB DDR4 LP DIMM support will be there.

    This form factor will be around for the next 5-6 years and Apple is planning for the future it sees and that means some pain now, with what is really a first generation product. And I’ve been burnt many times by those…

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      For me, the most important innovation on mac laptops has been MagSafe, so I am glad it got a nod here.

      No other company, to my knowledge, has replicated this (maybe because of patents?) which is sad to me, as it’s such an amazing feature. My guess, though, is that Apple believes the battery will last a full day, so you simply don’t need to plug it in until it is sitting safely on your desk, which is optimistic at best.

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        I’m quite surprised that they didn’t include an equivalent feature with these new models. It’s something that third parties can address relatively easily (perhaps even with a breakaway Type C to Type C adapter rather than a full charger), but I’d be very wary of any non-major-brand chargers. If Benson Leung’s Amazon reviews are anything to go by, Type C products are a minefield.

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          Griffin has Breaksafe which is a breakaway Type C to Type C cable https://griffintechnology.com/us/breaksafe-magnetic-usb-c-power-cable

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            I’d expect Apple to make this, and then charge another $40 for it. That’s what Steve would have done.

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            Very optimistic, especially from Apple.

            The other day my iPhone (in airplane mode, running only strava and the music app) with a full charge lasted ~40 minutes while I was out for a run.

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              Then it’s faulty and you should file a warranty claim.

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              I agree, magsafe was one of the killer features that brought me to Mac 9 years ago. The other was just the ability to close my lid and trust that the computer would turn off and would come back on when I opened the lid again. I actually broke two previous computers due to the power cord port breaking off the main board. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about this, because this is a tragic loss to me.

              My only thought as a potential tradeoff is the fact that you can plug your charger into one of the 4 ports, so you aren’t tied to a certain spot for your power cord. As I am typing this, I could see how this could be a handy feature.

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                Apple believes the battery will last a full day

                Such a ridiculous and patronizing assumption for them to make. I like my screen at max brightness and run among other things 2 JVMs while developing. If the battery lasted 6 hours of my development day I’d be thrilled.

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                  Steve Jobs would have never removed a bunch of ports and replaced them with a multi-purpose standard. Oh, wait.

                  I’ll raise some points: this is the most USB ports a Mac laptop has had, Type C allows for useful docking stations so you can connect everything in one fell swoop, and this is a catalyst to make the rest of the industry adopt it faster.

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                    Just to clarify, the iMac G3 removed the floppy disk drive. I didn’t know that, but I might be in the minority.

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                      Except when they removed the floppy drive, everyone already had a CD drive and half the users were already using CD burners, because the floppy disk was pitifully inadequate even at the time. (You couldn’t put so much as a single MP3 file on one of those things!) Apple was following the market, not trying to impose a direction on it like they are clearly doing with the headphone jack removal. The USB-C transition is somewhat more arguable than that – you could say that Apple are simply seeing it as a foregone conclusion (in the long term, so why not just acknowledge that from the start). But so was the death of the floppy disk.

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                      It just goes to show that you can make any product look like an improvement over the last generation if you frame it right.