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    This was a really good introduction to both Redis and S3. I have had some doubts about situations in which they may or may not be good fits, and this clarified everything. Thanks!

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      I love tools that “just work”!! Finding the right design is so crucial to this!

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        I’ve only really used mssql (and a bit of MySQL). Has anyone else made the jump to postgres? How was the transition?

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          I’ve gone the other way, from postgres to MySQL and a little bit of MSSQL. I found the transition was trivial. Tuning and permissions management are significantly different but that’s something I do once in a while and will consult the docs on anyway. I don’t have very elaborate demands on my DB, mostly your standard CRUD stuff so within that space there’s basically no perceptible difference between the popular traditional SQL DBs. Every now and then I find there’s some DB specific function or extension that’s different but there’s almost always an equivalent.

          I believe postgres has a few extras. GIS and text search (like with indexing, tokenizing, and lemmatization) are things I know are in postgres but I don’t think there’s the same support in the others. But I don’t use that functionality a lot anyway and I think a lot of people don’t (or at least don’t try to solve those kinds of problems in the context of a relational DB) so I really don’t feel like there’s a huge difference between postgres/mysql/mssql from the everyman’s perspective.