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    As a result of the surge in traffic from this, I’ve had to disable invitations for a bit. I’m going to be unavailable tomorrow and I’d rather not have the server blow up from a huge influx of invitations/new users. Once I rearrange things on the server this weekend, I’ll open invitations back up.

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      To explain the HN comments complaining about the story’s title, its title used to be “Yehuda Katz launches HN competitor – Lobsters”. Lobsters was actually launched about a month and a half ago[1], and was created by Joshua Stein (jcs)[2], though Yehuda Katz is an active user.

      [1] Source: the stories on https://lobste.rs/newest/page/19, the current last page, switch from “1 month ago” to “2 months ago” right at the end. (The oldest story is https://lobste.rs/s/LPOSy7/openbsd_5_1_released, from “2 months ago”.)

      [2] Source: https://jcs.org/notaweblog/2012/06/13/hellbanned_from_hacker_news/

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        Wow, I learned a lot of things from this thread on HN. I’m now suspecting I’ve been “slowbanned” for the last few months which is why each page load takes 5-6 seconds. I always thought the servers were just slow.

        Really a bummer, I thought I’ve only ever been helpful on HN. Oh well, nice that there’s an alternative that’s a little more transparent.

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          The thing that really bothers me about HN is that any story that is remotely critical (or, isn’t a whole sale cheerleader for:) YC, the Valley, VCs, pg, YC companies, etc gets immediately removed from the front page.

          I get it it’s a YC promotional tool and pg’s baby – so that kind of editorial discretion is their prerogative – but it’s more than a little weird to see any bearish sentiment on the industry get edited away. It’s not in any of our interest for the bubble to pop, but the day will come…

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            I don’t believe that this is true. I remember that when the AirBnB fiasco with the woman’s apartment getting trashed was happening, there were three or four separate threads which basically all linked back to the same article, but PG couldn’t take any of them down because people would be upset with him for suppressing dissent. They were cluttering the front page, but his hands were tied. Furthermore, I remember several articles about “Winter is Coming” being on HN, and also that I found out about Sequoia telling everyone to tighten their belts and to raise immediately from HN. More recently, there was also a front page post about how it doesn’t make sense to join a startup job if you’re trying to get rich.

            On the other hand, PG does post the YC jobs pages that you can’t comment on, which I find odd. By and large though, I think that PG is doing a fine job and is relatively fair and balanced. I would say that the problem is more with the commenters.

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            To be fair, HN is slow :) But the public index only needs to be updated every minute or so, so it’s no wonder it loads quickly. It’s basically a static asset.