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    Does anyone who’s used TypeScript on a medium/large project care to comment on their experiences? It looks interesting, but I’m wary of things which compile to javascript for some reason.

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      I haven’t (yet) done a medium/large project in TS, but I’m curious about the source of your wariness? I agree that it’s a bit odd to “compile” a language to a language that itself will then be compiled (usually), but I think it’s a pretty good solution to the lowest-common denominator problem of having to wait for most people to upgrade their browsers (or runtimes) to the latest version of JavaScript before you can use new features. Babel is doing similar things by making the newer EcmaScript languages available now.

      Coming from a statically-typed background (Java), I had to laugh when I first saw presentations on TypeScript, which is basically, we need static typing to prevent a certain class of bugs in the code, which is what I’d been telling people for years about JavaScript usage in non-small projects.

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        Honestly, my wariness is nothing more than a gut feeling based on a coffeescript project I got assigned to in which I saw no benefit from their choice of it, and just had a harder time debugging problems thanks to the code that runs in the browser not being the code in the repository.

        I suspect this is an irrational prejudice, but nonetheless I write my own javascript as plain ordinary javascript.