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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I am writing up notes for an overview of Ada and comparing its constructs against C, C++, and Rust since I am familiar with them. I’m trying to avoid it, but I think I have to do it as multiple articles to make it consumable.

    I am aiming to be as objective as possible and show the tradeoffs and similarities in engineering choices available. The goal isn’t language bashing or spreading the gospel of Ada, but to demonstrate similarities of Ada with other more well-known languages, especially because Ada can seem dense since it’s not in the C family.

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      This sounds super interesting. Please share here when you are done, I’d love to read it!

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      I’m drafting a sort of “ultimate guide to Unix sockets” post because I haven’t seen anyone else do it before.

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        Surely you’ve seen Beej’s Guide, right? How does this differ?

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          Beej’s Guide

          TIL that’s a thing! It does everything that I’ve wanted to talk about so I guess I don’t need to do anything! Probably just gonna put that work into my novel then.

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            Beej’s Guide is fantastic! Well worth spending the time to work through IMO :)

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        At work, just pushing through the week, trying to not get burnt

        Personal is where I have mostly Go things going on:

        • Building a goban, (go board) bought some wood last week, need to setup my plane and start shaping that wood.
        • Continue reading Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go (it’s pretty dense, super interesting, I reread each chapter like 4 times)
        • Continue playing games everyday, trying to improve my reading and strategy
        • Maybe sign up for the league + reviews at nordic go dojo
        • Maybe buy some shell & slate stones

        So mostly continue with my Go obsession

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          A go board needs to be shaped? I thought they were just flat with lines burned into them.

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            Yeah! Shaped into flatness! hahaha, the wood is pretty rough, needs to be cut, flattened, sanded and treated

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            Which kind of design do you plan for your goban, plank-style or more big chunk of wood traditional style?

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              A tabletop but thick (5-6cm) traditional goban. When I finish this I will probably do a floor goban with legs if I find the time!

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            Putting the finishing touches on my Lobsters client for Android before it is published to Google Play. Some time this week I will also be starting work on my first client project so that’s bound to be exciting.

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              nice! are you planning to create a F-Droid repository as well?

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                I wouldn’t mind if someone else decides to submit it, but I personally have little interest in doing so.

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              I started a job as a PhD student so currently reading up on scientific literature. It’s super interesting although it’s maddening that the notation is not really standardized so far and that makes it harder to read what’s actually being done in the paper.

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                I’m laughing with you. I’ve been doing a fair bit of digging into existing academic work on drone flight control and the notation and variables are different all over the place. It’s wild!

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                I’m taking a break from my stack-based language to write a RetroForth VM implementation for Zig, Myrddin, and another language in an attempt to compare and contrast their supposed advances over C.

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                  The Lisp Game Jam starts on Thursday: https://itch.io/jam/spring-lisp-game-jam-2021

                  I’m going to be making a game using the TIC-80 retro game dev platform: https://tic.computer

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                    I saw this, and thinking of joining since my Lisping has improved a lot the past weeks.

                    Excited to see your work this time, loved the FPS game of last jam.

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                      OOH, been doing a lot of common lisp lately, might join!

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                      $work: moving configuration properties from our monolithic behemoth to S3 and whatever small fires there ought to be.

                      $personal: built my first somewhat good gaming rig, so evenings will consist of Hades, Hollow Knight and Assetto Corsa.

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                        Private: Sorting old stuff, recovering interesting things from a different life on random backup disks.

                        Professional: new job starts on Friday. Really looking forward to some new work with less operational stress.

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                          I’m planning to make my personal website, for the first time ever, though I’ve been making websites for 20 years now.

                          edit: Looks like I’m going to try and do it with sveltekit.

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                            I think I’ll play around with podman, which I’ve not touched before and know almost nothing about (beyond “it’s like docker but with pods”), and flannel (which I have touched before, albeit briefly). If I get that working, and can have pods communicating with each other across different physical hosts, I’ll look into setting up coredns so that they can use hostnames rather than IPs.

                            I’m thinking of implementing a little decentralised container scheduler as a learning exercise, and it’s probably a good idea to get the underlying technologies I’ll be using up and running manually at least once before trying to automate it.

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                              $work: building a/b tests inside a Flask monolith.

                              $personal: we use this app called Huckleberry to track how often/how much our baby feeds and sleeps. There is no way to export the data we’ve entered. I’m looking into how I can extract this data from the iOS app. Worse-case: taking lots of screenshots of the ‘list’ view of the data entries and then using image recognition on a computer.

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                                For my personal stuff, I have 2-4 low-priority things I’d like to do:

                                • Finish setting up Haskell in VS Code, specifically figure out how to get the REPL working realtime
                                • Do another Nerd Roundup where I have fun talking tech news with some of my more nerdy friends
                                • Figure out why my unbuntu Chromium lost it’s config file over the weekend
                                • Continue outline work on my stealth book project
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                                  Been finding it SUPER hard to get motivated to do much of anything beyond that required by work of late. Pandemic induced lack of cardio exercise is kinda killing me. SO happy I get my first vaccination shot tomorrow. Elliptical here I come :)

                                  One thing I have been doing that’t not at all original development but has been a TON of fun is enjoying the exploration of 351Elec which is a small Linux distro optimized for the Anbernic RG351M/P handheld gaming system.

                                  I am honestly kinda floored by the engineering involved. This thing is an emulation powerhouse. With zero effort other than copying the files in I am playing every game I ever loved on every platform up to and including Sega Dreamcast. Arcade, Amiga, Atari 8 bit, plus all the amazing output from the PICO-8 and TIC-80 communities, and since the device has on board wifi running Linux, I can simply scp files I want into place and go.

                                  Great community too!

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                                    Off to a much better start after easter, hopefully I’ll get back into old habits. Getting a Violin piece of mine a bit further after some headaches (I trimmed some stuff yesterday and having a lot of fun bodging in new material). Making a little stack-based-ish, terse, order-independent music notation language thing, hopefully

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                                      Finalizing some work on my DNS encoding/decoding library. I can now encode 30 different RRs (much more than other DNS libraries I’ve checked), where as before, you could really only encode a question. If it wasn’t for the bizarre way that domains are compressed [1] I would have had this years ago. It just took me a while to get to a point where a) I needed it, and 2) had an idea of how to do it.

                                      [1] The first instance of “www.example.com” will be encoded pretty much as is. Further instances of “www.example.com” will reference the first instance (with an offset into the packet). A domain of “ns.example.com” will store the “ns”, then reference the rest of the domain.

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                                        Work: writing my self evaluation, working with vendor support on some issues, and ETL requests.
                                        Personal: reading Nixonland, Godblind, and the Penric and Desdemona series.

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                                          The upcoming Firefox visual update (photon) has me steamed. (No visual divider between inactive tabs and the deprecation of compact mode being the biggest offenders.) So I’m reading all the documentation I can find on writing my own browser, with the intent to try. I am fully aware this is not a rational response, but, well, the worst thing that can happen is I learn something.

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                                            Finishing up my last week on this project at work which I wasn’t really that happy with. The next one looks much more interesting and I might even end up going to the office a few times, which is a nice change of pace after working from home every day since january of last year.

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                                              • Waiting to know if I get my perfect job (last interview past week, answer coming this week or next).
                                              • Keep applying to other offers.
                                              • I began to read Gan in Action got stuck with the interpretation of GAN as a zero-sum non-cooperative game and fell in the rabbit hole of Nash Equilibrium. Maybe brush up my game theory or just keep going with GAN.
                                              • Also got my hand on To mock a Mockingbird and will probably go through it during the next month or so. Always been interested by combinatory logic, so it’s a good and soft way to go back to it.
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                                                On a work trip. So I expect to be spending lots of time in the Arizona sun battling recalcitrant hardware and the haunting ghosts of my own previous mistakes.

                                                But then I’m also gonna get to see my code fly drones around, so, all worth it.