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    You should use C if you’re writing an OS or system software.

    If you’re asking the question, you probably aren’t. So use whatever language you want.

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      Depends on what you mean by system software. Languages like Ocaml are pretty capable of replacing C for a good chunk of systems problems.

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        And Rust, too! :-)

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      Does the author mean C and C++? Either way, welcome to 2015.

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        Ha! Well, the extent of my sophistication in C++ is templated classes so, not THAT much of a jump from C, but I take it you agree with the fun part?

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          Nah there are a few classes of problems that I think are fun to solve in C. Mostly around making a portion of an app performant. I would not write a full app in C, but I have not been willing to do that for 2 decades.

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        I write mostly numerical linear algebra and can not agree more with this statement (at least for C – there’s some cool stuff with Eigen in C++). The advantages of the REPL/plotting/etc make it attractive to write in Python.

        That said, speed is nice and there’s some interesting work with Julia. It’s fast, has a REPL/plotting.

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          Why write in C? Because you want to do something in Lua, duh.