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    Is it weird that for all the talk of C bindings for GMP, an actual C program wasn’t included in the sample?

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      When you have a single entity that blows the scale of the graph out that much, it would be nice to offer a second graph with everyone else. Or just exclude PHP from the graph entirely and put in a note. But I’m not a visual/designer type.

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        Click and drag on the graph to zoom in.

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          Ah, interesting.

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        As much as I love that PHP’s arbitrary precision arithmetic functions take and return strings, the benchmark code should probably use the gmp_ family of functions and not the bc ones: http://php.net/manual/en/ref.gmp.php

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          Isn’t it kind of pointless to use OpenJDK7 as a data point, given that the implementation was reworked from the ground up in JDK8?