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    Very interested if others have successfully lobbied against Google Analytics in their own companies and if so what strategies worked.

    The small web design company I work for has long been in the habit of plonking it on every little thing we make, in most cases the only one ever to consume the data being Google as a lot of clients don’t care. But it’s hard to break the inertia and the “collect everything now just in case” mindset.

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      I’ve tried pretty hard a few times.

      So far, the only way I’ve discovered to work at a company that doesn’t put Google Analytics on stuff has been quitting and going to work for a nonprofit with a strict community-driven policy against giving user data to third parties. Since there are only a handful of those, and getting hired at most of them requires a perfect alignment of the stars and/or just the right lucky social connections at just the right time, I guess I can’t recommend it as a general approach.

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        That sounds bang on sadly! If it doesn’t a) save money or b) make our lives significantly easier then it’s hard to sell an idea. I could certainly try with (b) though – Google Analytics for all its popularity is a complicated beast to use especially when you only want a few basic stats visualised.