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    To me, this tweet reads like satire and I think many others see it as a farce as well.

    No… Looking at this guy’s bio, I think he’s exactly the type of person who would believe, spread, and (worst of all) enact & enable this kind of dehumanizing, pseudoscientific bullshit.

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      So this is a “point and laugh” link? Sigh.

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        That wasn’t my intent, though in retrospect lobste.rs may not have been the best place to post this, when posts here are supposed to stand on their own without editorializing.

        I think this is a list of anti-patterns, and I wish they would go away.

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        this post made a good point too:

        This is a trope that women don’t identify with because we don’t get rewarded for this kind of behavior, in tech or otherwise. Most of us would have a very hard time imagining ourselves being this person, because we know this myth is not for us. We get rewarded, pretty much from the minute we are born, for collaborating, being agreeable, communicating, and compromising. We get penalized for the type of inconsiderate behaviors people respect so much in 10xers, and we know that we could never get away with them, no matter how smart we are. Even something as simple as thinking highly of yourself or taking credit for your own work is often read as aggressive or bitchy when coming from women.

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          10x engineers don’t hack things. They write quality code and know exactly how the code has to evolve

          Everyone I’ve met who matches the rest of this description hacks everything together and makes a mess for everyone else to clean up later. I consider them bad engineers.

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            This sounds like it was written by a suit.

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              There’s this common refrain about “10x programmers” and “10x engineers” being a joke or a myth or whatever, or at the very least not worth the effort to hire.

              I’d argue that they absolutely do exist, but the problem is that most of the people who consider themselves such aren’t, and are often the opposite.

              The other issue is that, for most projects, they aren’t really necessary. A small business website, a blog, a simple database-backed application that will never grow beyond a few users or whatever simply doesn’t need a 10x developer….but it’s folly to say that your system that quite literally has never been done before and requires deep understanding of some esoteric stuff can be done by less-talented people. Not everyone can be Usain Bolt, no matter how much they train.

              Sometimes you do need a 10x programmer, the problem is that the real 10x programmers generally wouldn’t describe themselves as such. It’s the whole Dunning-Kruger Effect/imposter syndrome.

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                The other issue is that, for most projects, they aren’t really necessary. A small business website, a blog, a simple database-backed application that will never grow beyond a few users or whatever simply doesn’t need a 10x developer

                Exactly. This is my problem with so many hiring methodologies that explicitly look for 10x engineers. You don’t need John Carmack or Linus Torvalds to make a website. And in making your hiring process full of tricky little puzzles to try to find the John Carmacks and Linus Torvalds of the world, you’re making it more difficult for the actual John Carmacks and Linus Torvalds to stand out.

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                https://twitter.com/skirani/status/1150019060467240960 indicates this isn’t the author’s intent (although it really, really should be)

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                  1. 10x engineers hate meetings. They think it is a waste of time and obvious things are being discussed. …
                    They tend to work when very few folks are around

                  That applies to a lot of “regular” engineers too, and maybe even to other professionals in other areas.

                  Most of them are late-night coders and come late to the office.

                  10x engineers laptop screen background color is typically black (they always change defaults). Their keyboard keys such as i, f, x are usually worn out than of a, s, and e (email senders).

                  10x engineers are poor mentors as they can’t teach others on what to do OR parcel the work. They always think “It takes too long to teach or discuss with others, I would rather do it myself.” They are also poor interviewers

                  That sounds a bit like a cliché, to me.

                  10x engineers rarely job hunt or move out of the company. They move out because you make their life miserable with the process, meetings, training, and other non-value-added activities. If you come across them, hold on to them. Celebrate them.

                  I think engineers are workers like others. They may need money, they may need to work on new things, they may need to discover new people, new environments, …

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                    I know some of the counter-arguments in this article are backed by research. It would be nice if the author provided references also for the others.

                    (I am saying this mostly because I vaguely remember seeing that the most productive engineers were the ones who communicated most efficiently, but I have lost the reference and I’d like to find it again.)

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                      Just to be a devil’s advocate for a bit, I can’t see that guy talking about 10x more code lines anywhere. ;)

                      Back to serious, the problem here is that there is some truth to it, and truth mixed with exaggerations and idealizations is much worse than an outright lie. Some programmers are definitely much better at what they do than others. Many staff meetings are definitely waste of time. It may really be better to have one asshole who can solve the problem on hand than a whole team of nice people who can’t.

                      That doesn’t stop the tweets from reading like satire, but those uncomfortable truths still need to be meditated upon.