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Gulp-cozy is an experimental NPM package that allows you to organize your Gulp tasks in a more modular way with simplicity and “cozyness” in mind.


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    /me raises hand

    I know what NPM is because people complain about it. Why would I want gulping tasks to be more modular?

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      gulp is a build tool. Typically what happens is a gulpfile starts out small and grows into a giant file with tasks depending on other tasks, etc. This tool looks like it solidifies the convention of putting each task in a separate file, which makes it easier to edit each command independently, etc.

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        That’s exactly the point, thanks a million for commenting it out!

        Let me know if you are going to try it and what are your thoughts about it! ;)

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          np. Unfortunately I don’t use gulp anymore (webpack and npm/make/shell lately) so I no longer have a need for this tool, although I remember the pain point.

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        To traspone a famous Rasmus Lerdofs’s quote: “There are only two kind of tools, the ones that people don’t use and the ones that people complains about”…

        Apart from that, I built the tool because my gulpfiles often grown wild and I am experiment this solution to try to deal with the problem using a different approach. Any good reason why this wouldn’t make sense to you (apart from resembling NPM to you)?

        Thanks by the way for giving a shot to the article!

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          I don’t know if your cozy gulp files resemble NPM. I’ve never seen either! The title of this article doesn’t contain any information that helps me understand what it is. If not for the javascript flag it may well have not been English. I understand now that gulp is a build tool, but I have one of those already and I have a good sense of what it’s good and poor at doing. ^_^