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    Remember when they stopped putting serial ports on laptops and the world ended because we lost 5v signals?

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      The difference, of course, is that devices with the 3.5mm jack are ubiquitous, even among laypeople.

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        And analog. Prior moves to digital that was capable of DRM often led to them getting some DRM. Good to always remember the suppliers don’t have our freedoms in mind.

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          Yeah I am surprised this gets shoved under the carpet so much. With digital-out only, vendors can decide what you listen to.

          We aren’t quite at the “sorry this app only works with Beats headphones” stage yet but getting rid of the jack opens up this avenue.

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            Well, there’s this plus proprietary stuff used to get more money out of customers. Apple is best known of those doing the latter.

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          Yeah you don’t have to worry about your baud rate with a headphone jack.

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            Laypeople aren’t soldering their own heart monitors either. The people who are will probably find a way to make things work.

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          It’s only dead if you follow Apple blindly into the abyss. On other phones it’s not dead yet.

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            Not yet.. Remember when you could get a smartphone with a keyboard?

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              Those are only dead if you’re not following Blackberry blindly into the abyss.

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              I’ll agree there, I want my phone to have a 3.5mm jack. I can’t image how putting the DAC on the cheap end of the equation (the earplugs) can improve quality over a simple and sturdy analog cable with a magnet on one end.

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                Or Google… I imagine it must be hard at a third party Android device manufacturer to avoid the temptation of following the lead of the two big players.

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                  Google’s move with the Pixel was particularly shit because they made fun of Apple for getting rid of the jack, then got rid of it themselves.

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                    I thought you were going to say something about search … I miss Yahoo/Lycos/Hotbot/Dogpile and getting different results that lead to different places. Fuck the search monoculture.

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                  I rarely use the headphone port on my phone. I like using my bluetooth headphones. But I like having the port available, and I don’t see myself buying a phone without it in the near future.

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                    Same here. I like my bluetooth headphones, but it’s also nice to be at someone’s house and just plug into an audio cable to play some music instead of having to pair with a bluetooth speaker.

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                    I always was convinced that the headphone jack would be a great port to use to connect IoT devices around the house. Things like motors to open window blinds, or IR sensors to control the air conditioning. And readily available cables

                    But are the common cables isolated enough for long distance use in a reasonable manner? Or for sending over a real amount of power?

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                      What do you mean by long distance? I’ve seen silly long 3.5mm cables that are meant for audio. I’m not a PCM expert or anything, but wouldn’t you have a codec here that’s resilient to glitches? Should also be possible to amp the signal on your devices.

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                        You can wire I²C over a 3.5mm Jack and Cable, wouldn’t be the first time this connector is used for this…

                        It’s actually pretty clever considering a 3.5mm cable is essentially available at any store with even a minimum amount of electronics.

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                        You have to ensure the software supports that.

                        If you plug that into an iphone with a 3.5mm jack you’ll get an error saying you can’t use it. Given the general feel of this post, and the way Apple has deprecated things in the past, it’s not unfathomable that future iterations of iOS might not allow the use of the lightning to headphone connector.

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                          If you plug that into an iphone with a 3.5mm jack you’ll get an error saying you can’t use it

                          That’s not true. It works on various iPads and on an iPhone 6s, all of which predating the existence of the adapter. The only requirement is iOS 10 or later which, I think, runs on all lightning port equipped devices.