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    Man, this took a lot longer for me than I expected and the flames are itty-bitty! I should clean this up, but I’m done for now…


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      I love reading about old games and how they were made but I’m absolutely done with anything about DOOM.

      Can we get something else please?

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        If you don’t like this content hide it.

        If you don’t think it belongs here flag it.

        Otherwise write something constructive or refrain from writing anything :)

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          C’mon, it doesn’t seem fair to get bashed for pointing out that this topic has generally been covered to death.

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            Bashed? That wasn’t my intention - I’ve only explained how you can use site features to ‘vote’ for/against content.

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            That was a nice read. Thanks for linking something interesting instead of bashing me for a mild comment.

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