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    Do you have any idea how it compares (performance-wise) to USBIP (http://usbip.sourceforge.net/ also in the Linux Kernel)?

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      No, we actually did no formal performance benchmarks, but we use it quite heavily for multiplayer emulation games, and so far everyone was very satisfied with latency, responsiveness and general controller-feel. Very interesting point though, I’d like to do that some time!

      One feature that I imagine is hard to do with USBIP is filtering the input - since we don’t want people using their keyboard/mouse on the gaming rig, we filter for the gamepad axes and buttons, which works a treat!

      In addition, we can use non-USB devices on the client (e.g. PS/2) and even non-devices (the repo contains the slightly out-of-date osc-xlater, which translates a set of OSC messages sent by eg. a smartphone into a gamepad emulation). I also believe our approach requires fewer privileges in comparison to USBIP, as we can run with user privileges for both components if configured correctly.