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additional context, this post I made a few hours ago: https://lobste.rs/s/ktowsh/lichen#c_1nxevc

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      I’ve not written anything before, sorry if the typing style is annoying. I just hope it’s clear enough to get what I feel the point of Forth is across.

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        This is my favorite type of lobsters post – where a programmer describes a problem and then shows the reader how they solve it. It does not matter one bit if the style is a bit rambly. If anything, it makes it more fun to read. I loved this write-up and I’m looking forward to more materials on forth from you.

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        I enjoyed the style and your sense of humor. And I hope you got some good sleep.

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      The concept I align with is “turn data into code”. Joe Armstrong followed this lead with his “UBF”.

      Everything you write is ultimately some kind of interpreter, executing some process relative to some data set. The closer you get to re-using your language’s internals to do that, the easier your job (might) be.