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    I enjoy your enthusiasm for Rust Bastian but I think you need to be careful with statements that can be interpreted as subjective or incorrect as this is what will stick in folks minds instead of the message you are trying to send. For example:

    Rust can be compiled to a single binary, statically linked with C libraries to not even need a Rust runtime anymore.

    Rust doesn’t have a runtime in the conventional sense of the word. I links against libc by default, as do C programs and has some pre-main code and panic handling code but is generally runtime free whether statically or dynamically linked.

    The compiler helps bringing safe applications out there. Just implementing a web server in Rust will stop SQL Injections and other security risks.

    Implementing a web server in Rust is not enough to eliminate SQL injection. It’s possible to write Rust code succeptable to SQL injection. The same best practices that avoid SQL injection in other languages also apply to Rust, such as don’t interpolate unsanitised user controlled content into SQL queries. Using a library like diesel can help make this safer, just as activerecord can make it safer in Ruby.

    If you’re interested, The Rust Community Team can put you in touch with folks that can proof read posts prior to publishing.

    Anyway I don’t want to discourage you, just provide some feedback.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Will do, maybe this one was published too fast, usually I let articles sit for a while and get proof readers in early!

      Will update the post accordingly!

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      I’d teach my children racket so they could build whatever language they want.