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    I think there is a point where there are too many coincidences leaning in one direction with Facebook (and also with Google). At some point (which I think was already passed) they shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt in trying to explain away things like this.

    The first few times the excuse of an unlikely unintentional coincidence might have worked, but after so many issues like this? It’s just too convenient and lazy.

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      The activity came to light when a security researcher noticed that Facebook was asking users to enter their email passwords to verify their identities when signing up for an account, according to Business Insider, which previously reported on the practice. Those who did enter their passwords then saw a pop-up message that said it was “importing” their contacts – without first asking permission, BI reported.

      There is no way that’s unintentional coincidence. That is a project.

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        Yeah this isn’t stupidity anymore, this is malice. Has been for a long time IMHO

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          It’s especially silly with the self-promotion Facebook and Google like to do about only hiring the best developers. Testing should have caught something like this, so they either didn’t test it well, or they did it on purpose.

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          This is no surprise, and if someone uses Facebook, they shouldn’t be surprised either.

          It’s like walking into a pizza shop and being angry that they sell pizza… if you use Facebook, they will use and “steal” and “leak” all the info they can on you (and probably even if you don’t use Facebook).

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            Exactly. The other orange site is full of ‘news’ like this article.

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              It’s true, the news about Facebook is everywhere. I do think it’s still important to share these things though, so those that haven’t left Facebook and (somehow) don’t know these things will be informed.

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                Are there really people on lobste.rs or the orange site that don’t already know this? I would say they all do, and the idioms “preaching to the choir” and “beating a dead horse” immediately come to mind when I see this posted in such forums. Perhaps all this effort is better spent informing those who are not “in the know”…

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                  At least from what I see it seems there are some people on the orange site who defends Facebook.

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                    So is the idea then to get 100% consensus on sites that tech people waste time on before making any attempts to educate the general populous? I guess it’s easier to circlejerk about it with your friends than it is to move on and try to convince others on the ‘outside’.

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                      No idea where you got that idea from, even after re-reading my post.

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            Tech rubbernecking, especially for services like Facebook, is probably better kept over at sites like Facebook.

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              I think the relevant part of this is that Facebook asked users for their email password and users gave it to them. It’s another example of a huge gap in understanding of technology and security in the general public and companies (either for nefarious purposes or for supposed user convenience) taking advantage of that to the public’s detriment.

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                  How exactly do you accidentally make requests to retrieve a users contact list?

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                    I still use FB via new basic profile and mbasic, but I certainly would never install anything.

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                      mbasic.facebook.com barely works anymore, for me at least. Liking things doesn’t work. trying to comment, or even read comments on things only works about 1/2 the time. It’s quite annoying.

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                        It is definitely in “life support” mode, but the things you listed have worked without fail for me as far as I can remember. It is mostly event-related stuff that I find to be unfinished, like the upcoming events page.

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                      Isn’t LinkedIn doing this all of the time as well?