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    I don’t like the submitter link being so prominent, especially when it’s mostly just “pepe” everywhere. Seems a tad silly to me. Maybe a more subtle color?

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      That is an excellent observation. I will PR the change, thank you.

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        especially when it’s mostly just “pepe” everywhere.

        Or even worse: yumaikas


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          Upvote here to donate Karma to the Janet Collective </sarcasm>

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            Please accept my precious up vote. I have only one to give.

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        Now with an interactive playground, where you can run examples from the page.

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          This looks great! I love the simplicity and the random page “lucky” button at the top.

          1. [Comment from banned user removed]

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              …Not really? They’re just sharing a link to the documentation of their favorite language.

              Of course, if the only thing OP did was shill about Janet, that would be a different issue.

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                Exactly, just a link to a tool.

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                  Or rather, a link to a tool’s documentation. That does not make it an advertisement.

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                It’s a bit antisocial for you to comment on every post you consider suitable for the tools tag, adding nothing to the conversation.

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                  Tag is not there, so I add to the conversation that in my opinion this is just a link to a tool, not a conversation starter.