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    I have long been frustrated and annoyed at the state of modern event stuff. I wish Meetup had really evolved from when it started (the WeWork acquisition seems to have done absolutely nothing useful for it), and I am bummed that Upcoming.org seems to have stalled back out again (https://github.com/upcoming/upcoming-www). I still use Meetup quite often because of it’s popularity, since it seems to be the only viable easy-to-use option to Facebook events.

    This seems like a fun exercise, and I like that the IndieWeb has ideas for events/RSVP… but practically, this is pretty tedious. And my friends meeting up for a pint aren’t going to do this (hardly anyone I know in real life even has a website anymore).

    Has anyone built anything on top of Mastodon for events? Seems like a great pub/sub platform for it.