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    As always their writers are killing it. This is how you do release notes.

    The dolphin project is a shining example to all of the Free Software community in how to handle communication with your users and how to handle release building and management.

    We need projects like this to bring newcomers in and have them feel welcome. A huge thank you to anyone involved and congratulations to an amazing release.

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      Dolphin is a great example of what communication between developers, users, and how changes relate between the two should be done. It’s also a great poster-child for what open sourcing can do it a project. The first five years as a closed source project were barren, and with the open sourcing came both major progress, but the developer community Dolphin is known for.

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        Trying to run Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, I realize that I really have a craptastic computer. N3520, 8 GB ram, can’t run it for the life of me. XD