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    Misleading title: Add-on developers, not core Kodi developers.

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      >While Kodi is undoubtedly the most popular media player software in the world right now

      That’s news to me, I’ve never even heard of Kodi. Are we sure it isn’t VLC or iTunes or Windows Media Player? Where are usage stats to back this up?

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        I imagine that Kodi’s user population is difficult to measure. I have seen Android HDMI sticks that ship with a custom Kodi build enabling users to browse various streaming media repositories. It’s a fascinating ecosystem that seems to be largely invisible to people in the American Netflix/Hulu world.

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          It’s largely due to the American world of streaming services with reasonably large back catalogues and favourable geographic restrictions.

          The less salubrious parts of the British media have been on a bit of a crusade against what they have dubbed “Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes”, FireTV clones or equivalent android boxes, with Kodi preloaded and a bunch of unofficial addon repositories enabled.

          The unofficial addons of course allow the (generally less tech-savvy) user to view pirated streams of TV shows, and live channels, usually with somebody else’s advertisements superimposed or injected in the regular commercial breaks.

          The usual suspects are obviously unhappy about this, as the only thing they hate more than internet pirates watching content they haven’t had their pound of flesh for, is the general public watching content they haven’t had their pound of flesh for!

          Thus, you have fantastic, sponsored (allegedly) content from the likes of The Daily Mail, asserting that “Kodi Boxes” will literally kill your family [1].

          [1] https://puu.sh/ynrdP/0f2dabd39d.png

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          Seconded. Until reading this headline, I had never heard of it.

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            Kodi used to be XBMC (xbox media center). But it grew out of the Xbox dependency a while ago.