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      This hits one of my pet peeves for open source release announcements: the release announcement that never explains what the thing is. A number of people will see these linked from social or sites like this, but have to dig around to find out what the thing actually is or does.

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        Totally agree. You can infer it if you go to the “Features” section, but the article should say “Postgres driver for Python” front and center.

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      Ooh, the support for static typing, aided by runtime typechecks of the actual returned query values, looks really nice.

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      pip install psycopg[pool]

      yesss! thank you!

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        Do square brackets mean something special in the context of pip? I have used pip a bit bit never seen them before in the package name.

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          Python packaging tools have long supported the idea of declaring optional “extras” that can be installed with the main package. The bracket syntax is used to select them, and will trigger installation of additional dependencies to support the requested optional functionality.

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          there is a dictionary of optional dependencies in the package’s setup.py file. This name inside the brackets is a key of that dictionary.