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    Who's hiring? Q2Y2022 job

Here’s a template:

**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Compensation:** Salary, equity, vacation, major benefits.

**Contact:** XXXXXX

Also, we have a LinkedIn group available for jobseekers (more info).

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    Company: Tailscale

    Company site: https://tailscale.com

    Position(s): Software Engineer: Control Plane Brand Design Lead Marketing Associate Software Engineer: Front-end Software Engineer: Networking Software Engineer: Security

    Location: Remote, US and Canada

    Description: Tailscale is the secure network that just works. A peer to peer VPN built on WireGuard that punches through firewalls and helps teams and professionals secure access to the things most important to them. Lots of backend work, VPN engine stuff and linker crimes.

    Tech stack: Go, SQLite, WireGuard, net/http

    Compensation: I don’t have compensation numbers, but full benefits (medical/dental/vision) and one month of vacation per year (with a mandatory minimum of 2 weeks per year or you get vacation scheduled for you)

    Contact: Please go to the careers page and apply on the individual listings or email me at xe at tailscale dot com if you have any questions about what it’s like to work there.

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      Oh man, I’d love to work for Tailscale. Or really, I’d live to apprentice under Avery and David Crawshaw. Call me a mild fan of their work :)

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        Apply! It’s easily the best place I’ve ever worked.

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          I feel like my iptables is a little too rusty and my nftables experience is… near zero, but I’ll think about it.

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      Company: Signal

      Company site: https://signal.org

      Position(s): Engineering: iOS (engineers and tech lead), Android, Desktop, Server/Infra, Calling & Core Libraries. Product Designers too!

      Location: 100% remote (within US timezones)

      Description: Signal is a 501c3 nonprofit organization developing open source privacy technology that protects free expression and enables secure global communication. We’re a fully distributed/remote, small team looking to grow slightly (currently 30 people total/20 engineers). If you care about code quality as much as you care about user privacy, we’d love to talk with you.

      Tech stack: Swift/Objective-C, Java/Kotlin, TypeScript, Java, Rust. We publish all our codebases @ https://github.com/signalapp, check ’em out!

      Compensation: Competitive with Big Tech, without selling your soul or compromising your ethics. Full 401k match, health/vision/dental, parental leave, and self-managed time off.

      Contact: workwithus at signal dot org (several of us staff that email alias). You can also DM me on here, or email evanhahn at signal dot org.

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        Company: GitHub

        Company site: https://github.com

        Position(s): Pretty much every department, but for me, it would be great to get a strong platform PM or director of product for developer experience to work alongside!

        Location: Most positions are remote; we can hire people in all 50 US states, Alberta/BC/Ontario/Quebec, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Australia, India, Japan, and New Zealand

        Description: Millions of developers and companies use GitHub to build, ship, and maintain their software. The GitHub Infrastructure team operates and maintains our data centers, the heart of the GitHub. With over 65 million users, hundreds of thousands of registered apps and billions of API calls every day, GitHub provides the core infrastructure that binds the open source community together. (I cherry-picked the Platform PM description; hopefully most folks here know what else GitHub does!)

        Tech stack: We have a blend of Ruby, Go, C#, C, and Rust powering various things. Here on the platform / infrastructure teams, it leans more to Go/C/Rust.

        Compensation: Salary and equity vary by country and position. Vacation is considered “flexible”, with most managers encouraging 4+ weeks. 5 months of paid family leave (except in countries where more is mandated), charitable donation matching, 401k matching, and (in the US) a generous health plan.

        Contact: Apply through the website

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          I’m not applying, but why only those four provinces?

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            I assume for tax reasons. Having employees in a given jurisdiction requires the company honor the local payroll taxes, which I suspect isn’t free.

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            Company: GitHub

            *Microsoft. You’re not fooling anyone :P

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              I spent 13 years working at Microsoft in 3 different divisions. I moved to GitHub 2 years ago. We do get some of the perks of being Microsoft-adjacent (discount Xbox Live and M365 subscriptions, mostly), but it’s definitely not Microsoft.

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                for now…

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              I tried applied through your site several times last year and never got an interview. I would recommend anyone interested in Github to go through referral instead.

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                This is good advice. We get hundreds to thousands of applications to most engineering/product jobs, and it’s easy to miss a qualified candidate or two along the way. Referrals get you reliably past the initial filter. (In my experience, everything I’ve said is true at all “household name” tech companies.)

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              Company: AdaCore

              Company site: https://www.adacore.com

              Position(s): GNU Toolchain Developper, Compiler Engineer, Rust Certification Engineer, Web Designer, DevSecOps developer, QA Release Engineer, Simulink Certification Engineer, IT Assets Project Manager.

              Location: Depends on the position! Some are remote, some are on-site. AdaCore has offices in New York, Paris, Toulouse, Grenobles, Vannes, Bristol, Tallinn and probably a few other places I can’t remember right now.

              Description: AdaCore is the main driving force behind GNAT, the Ada compiler originally based on GCC. We’ve also built a lot of other tools revolving around the Ada ecosystem: IDEs, static analyzers, formal proof tooling… What we build is open source and we make money selling support, trainings, certification etc.

              Tech stack: There’s Ada, of course, but not necessarily so - it’s fine to apply even if you don’t know the language. Depending on the position you might also have to work with C, C++, JavaScript, Ocaml, Python, Rust, Simulink…

              Compensation: Again, depends on the position. AdaCore seems to match the market from what I can tell.

              Contact: Please go through the website :)

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                Oh man some of these are tempting. On the one hand, I love making language tools, compilers, and anything with Rust… On the other hand, my limited experience with formal certification stuff is that it’s all bureaucracy…

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                  Yeah, I think I agree, the Rust certification position is probably more about certification than about Rust itself. Possibly not be a great fit for people who enjoy programmnig more than writing reports. However, the GNU Toolchain Dev and Compiler Engineer positions are mostly about programming and is a great fit for nerds of our kind (I know because I used to occupy the Compiler Engineer position :) ).

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                Company: Apple Inc.

                Company site: https://www.apple.com

                Position(s): Core Darwin Engineer, Kernel Engineer, Secure Runtime Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Services & Daemons

                Location: Onsite in Cupertino, Beaverton, San Diego

                Description: Help us build the core technologies underlying all of Apple’s operating systems.

                Tech stack: Lots of C, some Objective-C and Swift

                Compensation: Varies

                Contact: Submit resume through job postings above.

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                  Company: PassFort

                  Company site: https://www.passfort.com


                  Software Engineer - Hiring for a range of seniority levels

                  Description: At PassFort, we share a powerful vision to enable businesses & individuals to establish trust online.

                  Our platform lets clients bring together data from hundreds of sources, and empowers them to make better KYC decisions more quickly through factor-based Risk Scoring, and a graph-like policy engine.

                  Tech stack: Rust - Python - React

                  On the back-end you’ll be building distributed systems that aggregate this data and process these automated workflows, scaling across thousands of companies and millions of individuals.

                  On the front-end, we’re building an intuitive portal that lets our users find the information they need quickly, laying out these complex data sets in ways you can understand at a glance.

                  Location: Remote - UK/EU/US - London Office Available

                  Compensation: Competitive based on experience, please see the linked roles for more details on benefits.

                  Visa: Yes - For UK Relocation

                  Contact: Contact us via our Jobs Page or send me a DM here.

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                    Company: thoughtbot

                    Company site: https://thougtbot.com/

                    Position(s): Development Team Lead, Design Team Lead, Apprentice Designer who Codes, DevOps Engineer with Ruby on Rails Experience

                    Location: Americas, remote

                    Description: thoughtbot is a software consultancy. Clients hire us to help make their products, mentor their team, and improve their process. We have

                    Tech stack: Our tech stack in the client tech stack. It varies, but lots of Ruby on Rails, React, Stimulus, GraphQL, with some Python, Node.js, and other JS frameworks. Lots of testing

                    Compensation: We’re not FAANG (or MANGA, I suppose) but we are competitive outside of that. We reserve at least 20 days of the year (and often much more) for continuous improvement to make ourselves, the company, and our community better by learning new tools and techniques, working on open source, blogging, creating new products, volunteering our time, and more.

                    Contact: You can apply for all out positions here or email me: edward at the company’s domain.

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                      Company: Picnic

                      Company site: https://picnic.chat

                      Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                      Location: London, UK - onsite or remote (±5h of GMT+1) - we mostly work remote, but also meet in the office for strategy/planning/workshops that make more sense in person.

                      Description: Our friends matter to us more than we think. The quantity and quality of our friendships has a bigger influence on health, happiness and even mortality than anything except smoking. At Picnic, we believe the platforms that house these relationships today fall seriously short. Nowhere is this more true than group chats. We’re building a next-gen social app, powered by group chat, to give friends the kind of online space they deserve.

                      We’re still pre-launch, so check out our about us page for more details about the product, team & funders.

                      Tech stack:

                      • TypeScript everywhere
                      • React Native for our app, RxJS for state management
                      • Node.js server-side with Express & RSocket servers
                      • PostgreSQL as our primary data store
                      • SQLite for on-device storage & caching
                      • Redis for caching & pubsub

                      More details and reasoning behind these choices here.

                      Contact: Our hiring process is described in detail on the job spec, but feel free to reach out to me directly on here or harry@picnic.ventures :)

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                        Company: ETH Zurich

                        Company site: https://www.ethz.ch

                        Position(s): see Contact

                        Location: Zurich, Switzerland mostly

                        Description: different per position, see Contact for details

                        Tech stack: different per position, see Contact for details

                        Compensation: different per position, see Contact for details

                        Contact: https://jobs.ethz.ch/site/index

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                          Would it be possible to link directly to the jobs part of the site? The English front page doesn’t mention “career” or “jobs” anywhere, and is over four screenfuls.

                          1. 2

                            unfortunately, selecting “IT” and “english”, is not linkable (or I didn’t find out how), but the “Contact” link is the jobs part?

                            1. 2

                              Found the jobs site three links away from the contact page.

                            2. 1

                              I’ve actually applied there at the beginning of Februrary, but haven’t received any news since. Is this to be expected? The position in which I’m interested appears to be still open.

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                              Company: Bitnomial

                              Company site: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

                              Positions: Software Engineer

                              Location: US - REMOTE

                              Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

                              Tech stack: Haskell, Typescript/React, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

                              Compensation: Depends on position, but these are salaried positions with equity options, $100-200k/yr base, 401(k) with 4% matching, and healthcare

                              Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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                                Company: Compile

                                Company site: https://www.compile.com/

                                Position(s): Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

                                Location: Bangalore - Onsite

                                Description: Besides owning a rather cool domain, if we say so ourselves, Compile has built the most advanced health intelligence platform on the market. Our data is in use at 16 out of 25 of the world’s largest pharma companies, and has also been adopted by multiple high-growth biotechs.

                                If you love independence and transparency, enjoy working on hard problems AND be associated with a cool bunch of people - join us!

                                Tech stack: Majorly Python(Django) - Spark - Snowflake. Will usually vary based on project.

                                Compensation: Varies

                                Contact: careers@compile.com

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                                  Company: FreeAgent

                                  Company site: https://www.freeagent.com

                                  Position(s): Senior Front-End Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer, Senior Cloud Operations Engineer, Senior Developer Platform Engineer

                                  Location: Edinburgh (Onsite) or Remote in UK

                                  Description: FreeAgent makes accounting software for small businesses. We design for companies with 10 or fewer employees. My pitch is that people generally don’t generally run their own business to do their own business admin, they’re either pursuing an interest or simply making a living. So we want to give these folks the tools to manage and feel in control of their finances. This lets them get on with the rest of their lives.

                                  Tech stack: Our main app is a constantly updated 15 year old Ruby on Rails monolith, with the variety of front end tools that you’d imagine. Everything new is written in Hotwire, and we’re moving things over as and when it makes sense. For the Cloud Operations stuff, we’re an AWS shop and rely on Terraform for code as infrastructure. We’ve recently decommissioned a long running Jenkins instance for our CI/CD tooling and are all in on Github and Github actions for that.

                                  Compensation: Varies per level and job - rather than typing it out here, the salary range is listed on each job page. Holidays starts at 33 days per year (which includes UK bank holidays), increasing year on year up to 43 days. More details on our benefits page.

                                  Contact: https://www.freeagent.com/careers/ or send me a DM and I can link you to one of our talent team.

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                                    Company: Fourier Audio

                                    Company site: fourieraudio.com

                                    Position(s): Full-Stack Engineer (Rust + TypeScript)

                                    Location: Remote (UK) / London

                                    Description: Fourier Audio is revolutionising the way audiences experience audio by reinventing the tools used by designers to shape sound for live productions.

                                    We’re an early-stage UK pro-audio startup, looking for seriously excellent engineers to build seriously excellent pro-audio products. We want people with an eye for detail, who relish the challenge of a wide remit with scope to innovate. We believe in freedom & responsibility; working with excellent people and letting them be excellent.

                                    You’ll join as employee #4/5/6 in a focused and driven team intent on changing the (live audio) world.

                                    Tech stack: Rust, TypeScript (Electron+React) & ChucK

                                    Compensation: £60k + 0.6% option (reflecting current early-stage funding), BUPA, various other benefits.

                                    Contact: Details on the website, or feel free to e-mail me at pb at fourieraudio dot com with any questions.

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                                      Company: SecureDNA

                                      Company site: https://securedna.org

                                      Position(s): We are seeking a small number of developers and test engineers. Can you write code which is correct, secure, and performant? Are you full of devious ideas for how to break and compromise everything you touch? We want you.

                                      Location: 100% remote (primarily US and Europe, but also some China)

                                      Description: The SecureDNA project seeks to enable fast, reliable, cheap, automated screening of DNA synthesis orders, to prevent both careless and malicious users from synthesizing potentially-hazardous DNA sequences anywhere in the world. Our work is intended to prevent major pandemics, and we believe this project is potentially very important.

                                      We are an international, academic/commercial partnership project, including researchers from MIT, Tsinghua University, Aarhus University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other world-leading academic institutions, in partnership with major international DNA synthesis providers. To learn more, visit our website or read our technical whitepaper.

                                      Tech stack: Rust, with some Python

                                      Compensation: Competitive salary, flexible scheduling

                                      Contact: jobs+lobsters at securedna.org

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                                        Company: Nebulaworks

                                        Company site: https://www.nebulaworks.com/

                                        Position(s): Sr. Software Engineer

                                        Location: 100% Remote | North America

                                        Description: Nebulaworks is a software engineering firm founded, built, and managed by engineers, for engineers. Our mission is to create high-performance engineering teams where members are inspired to collaborate openly, incentivized to gather new knowledge and skills, and value simplicity when solving difficult problems. As a Sr. Software Engineer, you will be responsible for interfacing directly with our customers on a technical level, helping meet them where they are while moving them toward achieving the organization’s business outcomes.

                                        Tech stack: Numerous technologies but lately its been:

                                        • Programming Langauges: Python, Ruby, Shell, Golang
                                        • Tools: Terraform, Gitlab CI, Github Actions, K8s, Nix
                                        • Clouds: AWS, Azure, GCP

                                        Compensation: Competitive salary and compensation package, 401K with match, Employee Incentive Plan (EIP), Health and dental coverage


                                        ssh -p 23234 <github_user>@sshapply.nebulaworks.com
                                        scp -P 23234 <resume>.pdf <github_user>@sshapply.nebulaworks.com:resume.pdf

                                        Note: You must use an SSH key that’s associated with the same user in github

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                                          Company: Smartleaf

                                          Company site: https://www.smartleaf.com

                                          Position(s): Junior and Senior Financial Engineers, Junior and Senior Rails Devs, PostgreSQL DBA, and soon a Linux sysadmin generalist.

                                          Location: Boston, MA, USA. REMOTE OK but must be in the USA

                                          Description: Smartleaf is in current parlance a B2B SaaS, 22 years old. Clients are banks and RIAs and similar. We automate portfolio analysis so that the tools of the ultrawealthy can be affordably used by all investors. Financial engineers work on the C++ analysis engine and tend to use Python or R for non-production tools. Rails developers mostly work in Ruby on Rails and occasionally in JavaScript. DBAs and sysadmins should be comfortable in at least one utility language, and Ruby doesn’t hurt.

                                          Tech stack: Debian Linux, PostgreSQL, C++ analysis engine, Ruby on Rails frontend, bits of Python, R and Perl.

                                          Compensation: Salary and stock options but the salary is the main thing; full health care (no monthly contributions); 20 days vacation plus NYSE holidays. IRA. Fully stocked kitchen in better times.

                                          Contact: via website, but feel free to ask me questions about the company in general: dsr-lobsters@smartleaf.com

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                                            Company: Deft (formerly servercentral)

                                            Company site: Deft.com


                                            Location: REMOTE, but we can hire FT only in those states: Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Utah

                                            Description: Deft is a consultancy, we aim at solving problems with technology and position ourselves as trusted advisors. We are uniquely equipped to do so, as we work across clouds, and own a number of data-centers.

                                            Tech stack: Pretty much anything

                                            Compensation: Salary is competitive, vacations are pretty standard for the US (i believe 5pto +5vacation to start) , notable benefits include :

                                            • every engineer/architect/employee that wants it gets a colo box (e.g. I’ve a dell poweredge r620),
                                            • 6 weeks parental leave for new fathers, I believe it’s 12 for new moms.
                                            • 5 professional development days and a 3% of your yearly to use for training/conferences (capped at $8k)
                                            • A lot of smart folks and decent humans around

                                            Contact: apply on https://jobs.lever.co/deft or PM me (or email acadeddu@deft.com) if you have any questions.

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                                              Company: Evolvedbinary

                                              Company site: https://www.evolvedbinary.com/

                                              Position(s): Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer

                                              Location: fully REMOTE with flexible work schedule

                                              Description: we are building an new native XML database this video explains it https://youtu.be/kZOnXRz1gqs

                                              Tech stack: Java,C++

                                              Compensation: competitive Salary.

                                              Contact: check https://www.evolvedbinary.com/careers.html or send an email at WORK@EVOLVEDBINARY.COM

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                                                Company: ThreeFlow

                                                Company site: https://www.threeflow.com/

                                                Position(s): Backend Software Engineer

                                                Location: Remote

                                                Description: Hey! We’re an insurtech startup that has just announced our 45M Series B and is subsequently growing! In order to scale an engineering org, we’re adding four backend engineers to help build out our APIs and integrations. We have done our best to create and evolve a supportive and inclusive culture that values perpetual learning. We also know there is always room for improvement which we actively work on.

                                                ThreeFlow is and has been a fully remote company since the beginning, and has folks in Hawaii, Chicago, SF, NYC and beyond (in the US). Our company values are: Collaborate Enthusiastically, Work with respect, Constantly push boundaries, and Grow together.

                                                Tech stack: Vue.js, Rails, PostgresSQL, AWS

                                                Compensation: 75th percentile salary plus equity. We provide Medical, Dental, Vision and 401k. Four weeks of paid vacation + 10 holidays.

                                                Contact: Apply here or email me brettcarter at threeflow dot com

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                                                  Company: Ketch

                                                  Company site: https://www.ketch.com

                                                  Position(s): Fullstack Engineer, Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Platform Engineer

                                                  Location: 100% Remote First within US time zones + India, but might be able to accommodate other TZ

                                                  Description: Ketch is building programmatic data privacy and governance solutions that reduce complexity. We have a vision of a world where our two core beliefs – that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that data is fuel for growth – is not just wishful thinking but the default way that technology is built. Our platform allows individuals to truly exercise control over their data and companies to leverage ethically sourced data to the fullest. We’re a well funded series A startup that is led by some amazing technologists with a proven track record of building successful software companies. The problem space we’re is in is huge and mostly undefined, so there’s tons of greenfield development to do in every area of our product! Great blend of product and systems work on the backend side.

                                                  Tech stack: Go, protobuf, ScyllaDB, ArangoDB, gRPC, NATS, React, TypeScript

                                                  Compensation: Salary is COL dependent, don’t have exact numbers. Other benefits include equity, medical, vision, dental, 401K, unlimited PTO (I know this is can be a sore subject and that at many other companies this translates to “no one ever takes time off”, but at Ketch we really strive to make sure that everyone is taking the rest and recharging time they need. We use PTO generously to make sure that we stay fresh and focused!)

                                                  Contact: Our careers page: https://www.ketch.com/careers