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    If you want a quick video to give you more insights on the Hilbert’s curves, I invite you to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s7h2MHQtxc The whole channel is amazing, and really help to visually grasp mathematical concepts.

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      Just recently defeated ganon. Had found 102 shrines. Searching the few remaining ones without hints takes time, and getting hints online kinda defeats the fun.

      Unable to match the nerdiness of the OP, I decided I’ll just finish the game and go looking for new things during another time playing through. There won’t be as much novelty of discovery. I still remember running into my first wild animal, a fox, and being rather fascinated. And being horribly scared by the guardians shooting their lasers at me. But I won’t feel any need to progress quickly in the game and instead take the time to explore its fringes some more.

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        I don’t think I’m at the hundred mark yet. I’m doing the master sword trials from the dlc. I’ve gotten pretty good at reliably reflecting the giant lasers back to the guardians, I’m trying to max out the gears with the fairies before I go kick Ganon in the nards.

        I’m glad for the new map functionality that shows the places you’ve been to, I’m sure it’ll help find shrines.

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          Maxing out won’t hurt, but they made the final big battle easy enough for children to beat. An 8 year old I know finished ganon well before I did, without much gear or hearts (but a lot of food). He was annoyingly proud of himself for days :)

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            This is what I love so much about the game. For every player it is something totally different. You can focus on so many different things and when you are done, there’s tons of other stuff to find.

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          Is Hilbert curve the best technique? I guess in the end he didn’t actually walk the path. But I’m thinking if you’re standing at some spot, there’s another way to find the points nearby. In particular, Hilbert doesn’t give you all nearby points.

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            In his situation, I might bucket the placenames into cells each about the height/width of a screenful of zoomed-in map, then open my map and raster/zigzag through a screenful at a time, trying to find what I was missing. Or less elegant but maybe quicker in the end, dump the place list into a text editor, incremental-search for each location I have (sounds like ~213 for him), and take them off the list. Sounds like he met his goal and had fun, though, so ¯\(ツ)/¯.