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I had a really hard time with tagging this. I chose “web” because it is in the title. Twice. Yet, this isn’t about the web at all.

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    I have been thinking similar thoughts since I read this article.

    Why would you use WebAssembly? There are various similar technologies. For example, the JVM certainly has a more mature ecosystem.

    Some have compared WebAssembly to Java applets; in some ways, they’re very right, but in some ways, they’re very wrong. Eventually I’ll write a post about the wrong

    I’m waiting for that post.

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      From following the development of the wasm standard, one of its greatest strengths over using existing “virtual machine bytecode”s would be a focus on compressibility and fast parsing+type checking+JIT transformation. These design constraints weren’t really primary or even secondary concerns in the development of those existing bytecodes, which started more as an intermediate step in the black box of a compiler

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      Maybe our idea of the “web” is what’s too small! Web Assembly is more than appropriately named in my opinion for how well it works for the transfer and immediate evaluation of procedures over networks, but the imagination of many for the idea of the web is lost beyond the horizon of their web browser. There’s a lot of our thinking that could use a bit of Imagination Fuel

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        I’m very much on that team. I’m giving a full conference talk about it in Barcelona next week. Different framing work well for different people, so I picked this one for this post, as I wanted it to be short, and this framing is shorter.

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          Didn’t mean it to be nitpicking, it’s too easy to accidentally write posts in that style lol. Very good article and I’m excited for any future ones about this topic!

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            Oh! I’m from Barcelona, which conference are you attending? I may try to attend.

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              Friday: https://jscamp.tech/schedule/

              It says TBD but it’s a wasm talk.

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                Damn! tickets are sold out :( Will the talk be uploaded afterwards?

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                  I believe so! I’d like it to be; the last time I gave this talk it wasn’t recorded.

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            Yeah I think we browsers have become too big, monolithic, and homogeneous. I would like to see more diversity in web clients. Those clients could use WebAssembly outside the context of the browser.

            The browser has a very specific and brittle set of security policies, and WebAssembly doesn’t change that. It will inherit the same problems that JavaScript has.

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              Sort of! You know, at parse time, every function a wasm program could call. This is extremely useful in a security context.

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              Imagination Fuel

              Love It. The captures a lot of meetings I have been trying to have with folks at work. They are thinking low level performance fixes for things, while necessary, they are having a huge problem jumping up a couple abstraction levels and thinking transformatively.