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    What is this about? There is not README either on repo

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      Software included with the original IBM PC, written by Bill Gates himself to showcase BASIC.

      You can play it here http://www.pcjs.org/devices/pcx86/machine/5150/cga/64kb/donkey/

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        Sorry, I should have added that to the description.

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        I got a little confused and was expecting this instead: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorillas(videogame)

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          Blast from the past!!

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            I remember seeing DONKEY.BAS but don’t recall ever actually running it - I always thought it was part of a BASIC tutorial, not an actual game that people would want to play (er, or something).

            Seeing it now takes me back to the days of typing in program listings from magazines - it’s very much in the same vein quality wise. There’s a certain naiive charm to it, that’s for sure.