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    Looks pretty good in Gnus: https://koldfront.dk/misc/gnus/lobstersnntp.png

    Nice job!

    Would be even better if it was read/write :-) But since the API doesn’t allow that, it would be nice with a link to the comments on the website, and perhaps also make the story link clickable?

    How often does it update? I’ve posted this comment and another one on the website, but they don’t seem to have shown up in the nntp-gateway yet…

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      The link to the object on the site itself in an X-Lobsters header. (There’s some additional X-Lobsters-* headers. Working on adding some more, but it does require schema changes, which probably cause a reset for article numbering if I mess it up.)

      It updates every hour… or it should, anyways. (Oops, there’s a bug in that. Let me fix it.)

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      I’ll try to get a public instance up soon Public instance is nntp.scrollwheel.ca, just wanted to show off my weekend hacking project. As of now, it doesn’t have i.e background jobs, so it is a little rickety. I’m still not fully used to Elixir yet either, so the code is probably ugly.

      If you’re curious about what it looks like

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        I was able to connect with neomutt :) pretty cool!

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          About Elixir - you probably should run mix format on your codebase to clean it up a little to conform to community styleguide.

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            Will you be able to leave this up? I love the idea but would prefer to use it as a hosted service.

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              Sure, I’ll keep it up.

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            For me, the most surprising thing about this project was the Windows ME screenshots :^)

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              Uhm, so I did a bit of digging but found nothing quite useful. What is an NNTP gateway?

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                NNTP is the basis for Usenet!


                This is basically a shim to translate the data on this site to the NNTP protocol.

                From IRC I get the impression that stuff like edited and removed comments aren’t handled correctly right now.

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                  Lobsters is a news site, but it does not implement NNTP, the standard protocol for news. This lets you read Lobsters using NNTP clients.

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                  I tried this with my old fav slrn but I do need something that handles HTML format


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                    You can configure slrn to run articles through html2text and a little s-lang, description at the bottom of the page here: https://feedbase.org/documentation/#slrn

                    It isn’t super fast, but it looks pretty good: https://koldfront.dk/misc/lobstersslrn.png

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                      From the README, there are two groups:

                      • lobsters - “Multipart HTML/Plain UTF-8 QP”, and
                      • lobsters.plain - that is “Plain UTF-8 QP”

                      Try out lobsters.plain I guess?

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                        I had recently added that. I’m tempted to turn .plain into ISO-8859-1 for the nasty legacy clients.

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                      I’ve made changes to the gateway to enable multipart messages with a plain text portion, as well as using quoted-printable. The plain text portion is just from stripping tags; a better rendering is possible but requires effort. If multipart isn’t worth it, I could go for perhaps adding different views without any HTML/multipart going on. And if you use it - please tell me!