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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      first day of my first big-boy job today! pretty stoked, even though it’s just onboarding stuff today.

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        Good luck! What area/tech-stack?

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          Oh my! A week passed and I’m just now catching up on everything… it’s agency work, so I’m involved in a lot of creative product work but as far as the stack goes, TypeScript and Next.js, which I really enjoy working with! I feel sooo lucky :)

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      Starting a new job/contract!

      I spent a few months doing the Faang interview gauntlet. It didn’t go well. I made it to the final round of interviews at a few places, but didn’t get offers. I’m honestly burnt out from it.

      I have a good network so it was pretty easy to find a contract to pick up. So looking forward to developing again.

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      Work stuff, understanding the backend systems at my new job and on my creative time I’m messing around with webgl and sign distance fields so I can do some cool shader stuff with letters. On a Radeon Pro 560X I’m rendering 8,820,000 instanced characters (i think) before the framerate drops below 60fps. So I have a lot of headroom to play with. https://meatdumpling.com

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      Work: Mopping up the detritus of the demo. Pushing and merging commits, documenting changes that had to be made, collating photos, that sort of thing. After that I go back to internal project dev, apparently, which I’m somewhat looking forward to.

      Play: Working on processes for my toy OS. I think they mostly work but now that I am running multicore I have some deadlocks to fix. Hopefully that isn’t too much trouble, so I can start on storage device and framebuffer drivers and give processes something actually useful to do. It’d be nice if I could get something at least minimally done by the end of the month, that is a nice transition point for me to ask myself whether I’m ready to go back to programming language stuff or want to keep faffing about.

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      Yesterday and today I was experimenting with approaches to create a command pallete. So far just the basic: each item with a icon and a title. I did experiment with Electron and PySimpleGUI.

      Using nix-shell shebangs is pretty useful for these quick PoCs.

      I’m also doing some university stuff, one of them is something I will share after the semester ends.

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      I’m working on https://github.com/caketop/pystarlark - I forked it from someone else’s repo and I originally had intentions of merging things upstream, but I’ve gotten into a bit of a knowledge spiral between learning Cgo and learning more about the Python C API, and I think maybe I’ve diverged too far and too fast over the past few days I’ve been working on it for that to be possible anymore. The original maintainer didn’t seem too impressed that I’d removed cffi as a dependency.

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      I will be taking part in Jesuit Spiritual Exercises, a kind of a “religious retreat”. Did “level 0” previous year, was quite positively surprised, and didn’t really expect the Catholic Church has something like this. Going for “level/week 1” now and quite excited as well as nervous for it.

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      work: running a big data processing pipeline written in rust with rayon: opening htop on a 128 core machine and seeing every core pegged at 100% for hours… something beautiful about it

      home: trying to work up the motivation for a post-jam version of me and wife’s ld50 game. i want to, but having a hard tike motivating myself – i always get this post-game-jam malaise trying to touch the project again

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      Hopefully buying a new car after the family wagon was written off. Had a long hard look at the car market and decided to buy the same car but higher spec & lower mileage.

      Short week at work, heading to Sofia in Bulgaria at the end of the week for a stag do. Looking forward to exploring a new (to me) city/country and enjoying some time away with merriment no doubt.

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      Trying to wrap up a side project I’m developing with a friend. It’s gonna be a heavy week because it’s post-holidays (EU), so I don’t want to push myself more than I should.