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    It strikes me as absolutely crazy to name a project that’s unaffiliated with the Apache Software Foundation “apalache”.

    It seems weirdly adjacent to typosquatting.

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      I don’t think bikeshedding naming is really that useful.

      I will add that I think plenty of people have never heard of ASF (I haven’t interacted with anything out of that org for 10+ years) and Apalache sounds and looks reasonably distinct from Apache to me. It also seems to be the Spanish name for the Appalachian mountains (and they have a mountain logo).

      To sum up: meh, it’s fine. I really don’t think it’s “adjacent to typosquatting” - that suggests a kind of bad intent from the developers that I don’t think is justified.

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        They used an ASF license for their project. They’ve clearly heard of ASF.

        Their logo looks like the Apache Hudi project logo to me.

        I didn’t intend to bikeshed the name so much as to point out that I was confused and surprised to see that it was unaffiliated.