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    Translating between SQL dialects is difficult but at least seems somewhat tractable. But trying to emulate (presumably bug-for-bug) the behavior of decades-old software with millions of LOC seems like a fool’s errand.

    PS See also CompilerWorks: https://www.compilerworks.com (looks like they were acquired by Google Cloud after I interviewed with them).

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      The reason I’m interested is because I just want fake servers for integration tests. Right now I’m working through integration tests against SQL Server in docker and I’ll be doing the same thing for Oracle soon.

      I’d much rather have a fake server speaking the wire protocol and returning hardcoded data a la https://github.com/jackc/pgmock because it’s just so much faster not to run Oracle or SQL Server in tests.

      Ultimately I haven’t found anything like pgmock for Oracle or SQL Server yet.

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      I’ve never heard of NEXTGRES, so I sort of though this might be some thing that Stonebraker was working on. And then I saw the domain name.