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    A/UX is sadly one of those things that’s more beautiful to look at than it is to use. Old System V ain’t fun.

    As for the Doom port, I suspect doing a hybrid Toolbox/Unix executable might better, so it could use QuickDraw… and of course, be even more cursed.

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      A/UX is also my favorite abandoned Unix. My college newspaper used it on their fileserver (with Macs in the rest of the office). A friend in my dorm ran it on her SE/30, which was impressive.

      My guess is that targeting X is the problem in the first place… X servers at that time had no idea of direct video rendering. The Xv extension existed, but I doubt any of the X servers on A/UX implemented it, and the video drivers probably wouldn’t have supported it anyway. I do wonder how much better performance would be running on the A/UX X server rather than an X server running in the MacOS process.

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        I really liked the A/UX vision of marrying the classic System and Unix, but it wasn’t going to be the actual answer to the post-Copland Apple malaise.

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          Last May, NCommander released a YouTube video…

          It was posted two weeks ago; May 2022.

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            Is that not the last May? Or would that refer to the 2021 one?

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              In my mind, “last/next May” always refer to different calendar years. Definitely not referring to something which happened less than a month ago. But English is nothing but ambiguity wrapped in impossible spelling.