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    Server-side rendering — sending HTML with the initial response

    Tree shaking — trimming out unused code (usually called dead code elimination or DCE)

    Code splitting — cutting up code into smaller chunks for better caching

    Lazy loading — only sending the code chunks needed for a particular page

    Okay, Elm has gotten my interest again. Looking forward to these being available :-)

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      Server side rendering has existed in Elm for at least a year, FWIW.

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        I quoted the whole block, which was my bad. I most meant the last three.

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      Folks like to think languages are “general-purpose” and if the language is good, it should be good at anything. People say C++ is a general-purpose language, but it is not so nice for web apps. People say Python is a general purpose language, but it is not so good for operating systems.

      I love this quote. Whether or not you agree, it’s an argument I haven’t seen before. They talk more about it here.