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    Love this. My only complaint is at the end where he stops to go work on “useful” stuff. Programming is an art form and there is value in creative endeavors like this whether or not someone makes money off itl

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      I agree that programming is an art form, but “useful” extends to more than just “making money”.

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        Reminds me of Cautionary Tales - Fritterin’ Away Genius.

        I’m not saying Bryan Braun is going to be the next Claude Shannon, but there is a strong argument for the benefits of spending non-trivial amounts of time on fun things.

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          I’m saying that working on projects like this has value whether or not it helps you in more serious work.

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        I expected to see The Game of Life there as well. Now I am on a mission to disturb that space.

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            He ripped that first-mover advantage right from my hands.

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              Unfortunately, you can’t modify the simulation by checking boxes…