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    It’s like CoffeeScript for Typescript! (And I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?)

    I can’t tell from the web page how mature this is, but it looks useful. It’d especially be useful if, since it has a compile step anyway, it could solve one of the more annoying issues with writing Deno and Node compatible TypeScript: generating two sets of files, one with imports ending in .ts and one without.

    I’d be afraid to start using it in anything serious right now because it’s not clear how long it will be around, how buggy it is, and whether the language server is in a usable state.

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      I am developing a serious allergy to JavaScript devs using the word “mordern”. WTF does that mean exactly? Be more precise.

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        It means a thing that everyone will hate 2-3 years from now.

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        I expect this will age like milk, down the same path as CoffeeScript. The difference is that pre-ES6, CoffeeScript had some concrete advantages. Civet seems more concerned with golfing than adding expressiveness or power. Not interested.

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          To me, just getting rid of all the syntactic noise is worth it.