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    The big DDOS’s with more to come have me revisiting the idea of cheap, leased lines as a backup for personal or business communities. There’s also the wifi and radio mesh networks that can be considered. Either can do a BBS model or store-and-forward model.

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      I ran a BBS on my Apple ][+ in the early 80’s on software I wrote (and sold) myself. There was nothing more exciting than to see someone dial in to my BBS and interact with it, especially when they paged the sysop (me!). For many, many years after the BBS went offline, my parents' phone would still get modem calls.

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        I actively used the FAUG (First Amiga Users Group) BBS for several years. I even met the SysOp once at a local tech get together. I finally became disillusioned with the viability of the Amiga tech around the time Vim first came out on Fred Fish disks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Fish

        Also I was a devotee of UEdit for Amiga, an early programmable editor. Sadly it’s author passed away all too soon, which killed it’s viability too. Some accidents of history caused me never to learn Vim.