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    I drive a 2006 WRX. It does have a fancy Pioneer nav unit that can connect to my phone for music/podcasts and (on very rare occasions) Android Auto. Everything else on the car is manual toggles switches and physical buttons. Nothing is network connected. If I need details on something in the car, I need to connect a scanner to the ODB2 port. It uses petrol and has a manual transmission.

    I cannot imagine every wanting a Wi-Fi enabled car that connects to a network or whose primary controls are touch screen. I’ve driven a friends Cherokee where even the A/C controls were on touch screen and I hated it.

    If I or someone ever totals it, I will be very very sad. For as long as it runs or I can fix it, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

    Self driving cars are a ridiculous pipe dream. Can we please stop adding Internet to cars, washers and dryers, toasters and musical instruments?

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      But we have IPv6 now, so we should be able to add connectivity to just about everything! /s

      My ride is a 2019, but the base model, so not only it was relatively cheap, it’s also mostly buttons, knobs or switches, except for the radio system (which has modern features, although I don’t recall it having WiFi nor SirisuXM). I am afraid this might be the last new car I ever buy that is this simple.