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    http://code.kx.com/wiki/JB:QforMortals2/contents appears to be the best introductory text I’ve been able to find.

    I’ve been unable to find a distribution of the “plain ol' k interpreter”; also, unable to find a demonstration of k the language isolated from q. This may be intended, or this may be just my own failings. But that text does seem to get into k pretty effectively.

    My head aches. I think that’s a good thing.

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      Found this interesting too http://www.kparc.com/

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        so cryptic

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          After I posted the link I found out that the download I found that the download is only for folks with access. Will the code examples run on kona?

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            kona: Probably not. Kona targets an earlier version of k, so there will be a lot of little differences.

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        There’s another link on there that has less cryptic examples: http://kparc.com/cs107/

        specifically helpful are the comparison between a1.c and a1.k

        I have no idea of course what those are from, or what they are for besides maybe an intro CS class, but maybe all will be revealed to us soon.

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          You get the “plain ol” k4 interpreter automatically when you download the 32-bit KDB+. From the “q)” prompt just enter a single backslash “\” That drops you into the k4 interpreter. To return to the Q interpreter, enter a single backslash again.

          You can also get the “plain ol” k2.8 interpreter as follows: Join the Kona Developers Group on Google. View the entry titled “Availablity of 32-bit version of k (for comparisons to kona)”