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    the next big thing after http/2

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      Looking forward to the blog posts now claiming http is faster than https.

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        Surely you mean QUICker? Sorry, couldn’t resist…

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      I am a bit curious, and skeptical, about this.

      For example, how do they imagine something like ssl will work? DTLS?

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        I dunno, it feels like a step backwards. When we had slow internet we used TCP and now we have fast internet and we are looking at UDP. I guess the counter to that is that we have also changed from unreliable connections to always on, fast and stable connections so we don’t need a reliable protocol any more?

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          QUIC is basically tcp but with multiple independent data streams so they don’t block eachother. They just built it on top of UDP because udp works with our existing infrastructure.

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            But it is reliable.

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              I mean the reliability has to be built in at the application layer.

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                I’m not sure the distinction you’re looking for exists. Just as it’s possible to do TCP in user land, it will be possible to do QUIC in the kernel.