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      I’m still wearing a Pebble Steel that occasionally has screen issues. I’ve been dreading the day when it dies for good, and I have to either learn to sense phone vibrations with my thigh instead of my wrist or buy a more expensive replacement. A successor would be welcome news, and the specs here seem reasonable. I did some more research on it, though, and most of the articles I found seem to be praising its potential rather than pointing to existing pieces of software that replicate key Pebble features. For example, I need four things from my Pebble: a clock, a countdown timer, notifications from my phone, and music control. I’m not getting the impression that Watchy has existing, well-attested solutions to these (I’m not coming away with the certainty that it can even do music control).

      I’m glad that something like this exists, but I think I’m going to have to wait and see where early adopters take it.

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        Not sure if it has 100% all the functions you need, but I’ve read some good words about Amazfit Bip S.

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      I’m still rocking a pebble time. Would love it to have heart rate monitoring, but the long battery life and just enough features are IMHO the best.

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        I keep planning to have a play with PineTime as replacement for my pebble time when it eventually dies…

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          same, a bit sad about the touchscreen but it looks like it will be a nice pebble replacement (I might have one more try at getting a used pebble time steel when mine dies, but after that I will see what else is new and the pine time looks like a strong candidate)

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      We definitely need a tag for products

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          this is basically a development kit