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    Anyone use this? It’s time I learn to use a spreadsheet, but I want something lighter than LibreOffice Calc. There’s siag, sc, sc-im. I might also consider gnumeric in a chroot of an old linux or something (for stability and good look/feel).

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      If you want a lispy spreadsheet maybe emacs org mode?

      Otherwise sc is very unixy and nice.

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      I believe still still need porting to a remotely moder gui lib (as in, a lib its possible to get hold of/get running). I wonder if a port to racket might be viable. I think the last time I got siag running, it was on Debian 4 or so.

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        I had no problem building it. Need to:

        • Get mowitz (the INSTALL file even tells you you have to!)

        • ./configure --with-xaw3d=Xaw3d; make; make install

        • Then, in siag

        • CFLAGS=-fcommon ./configure --with-xawm=Xaw; make; make install

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          Looks like xaw3d has seen some love the past year - I think my issue was that I couldn’t get a working Athena widget set. Did you install xaw3d from source too?


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            Nope, I just installed the binary package. I’m running arch linux, though, which tends to build newer versions of software; maybe that’s why.

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          I’ve got it building on modernish Linux, but it is rickety at best - even on old Red Hat, when I tried that.

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          I used to use this back in the day (I switched to Emacs spreadsheet mode) and was reminded of it recently when Excel finally got lambdas.

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            Found here.